It is a surgical branch that deals with the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of diseases of these systems including male urinary tracts and organs and male reproductive organs. All procedures in our urology clinic are performed with the help of specialist physicians and current medical equipment. In our clinic, urogenital diseases diagnosed with current and latest technology are treated with medical treatment, endoscopic surgery, and open/laparoscopic surgery. Disorders related to urology in men are kidneys, urinary tract, bladder, prostate gland, penis and testes, and infertility problems. In women, kidneys, urinary tract, bladder diseases are included in this area. All classical and endoscopic urology surgeries are performed in our hospital. Renal and ureteral stone treatment (open, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and endoscopic), renal tumor surgery, renal outflow stenosis (ureteropelvic stenosis) surgery, bladder tumor surgery (TUR), bladder stone surgery (endoscopic), bladder neck surgery, urethral stenosis surgery, prostate surgery (open or endoscopic-plasmakinetic TUR), testicular tumor surgery, undescended testis, testicular torsion surgery, priapism surgery, infertility treatments, varicocelesurgery, hydrocele surgeries, circumcision, epididymitis cyst, cord cyst treatments, genital condylar treatment are performed


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