Our intensive care unit, which provides services to 3rd, 2nd and 1st level intensive care patients, has 10 beds and provides service with 12 nurses, 3 patient care personnel and 1 medical secretary. In this way, every patient is closely cared for and the necessary care is taken.

Our nurses, who are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, are followed up for 24 hours and provide uninterrupted service. The patients who come to the emergency department and whose condition worsens while in need of intensive care are given priority, and the patients who are accepted through 112 command and control centers are provided, provided that there is a gap in the beds. In general, internal, chest diseases, neurological, surgical and cardiology intensive care patients are followed and treated.

All treatment, care and nutrition operations that a top-level intensive care patient, who is in the 3rd step for 24 hours, can be done. Patient monitoring and treatment is carried out with advanced devices. Advanced monitor, other imaging methods (bedside ultrasonography and echocardiography), ventilator for patients with respiratory failure (respiratory support device), continuous renal replacement treatments (hemodialysis, hemodiofiltration, ultrafiltration), etc. for patients with kidney failure. detailed and detailed procedures can be performed on the patient bed.

Tracheostomy (perforation of the trachea) is performed in the patient’s bed and with the most undamaged and bloodless method (percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy technique) in the patient bed and for long-term patients who need long-term respiratory support.



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