It is an internal medicine that deals with the diseases of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The neurology clinic in our hospital has all kinds of equipment. The most common conditions that require neurological examination are; headache, dizziness, imbalance, numbness, and weakness in arms and legs, gait disturbance, speech and swallowing disorders, involuntary movements of arm, leg, and face, muscles melting and fainting. In our hospital, there are 1.5 Tesla MRI, EMG and EEG device and medical laboratory for a neurological examination. There is a well-equipped intensive care unit for emergency treatment of cerebrovascular occlusion and clot-dissolving treatment is applied. When necessary cerebrospinal fluid examination is performed,in addition,Botox is also used for contractions of the arms and face.


Uzm.Dr. Oğuz Kağan Karagüzel Resume Appointment