Radiology is a medical department that provides diagnosis and monitoring of diseases using various imaging methods. In the radiology department of our hospital, almost all modern radiological examinations are performed with advanced technological devices. Radiological reports and images are integrated into our hospital information management system so that patients and doctors have easy access to the data of the examinations and reports.

Advanced technology devices are used in our radiology unit. Almost all kinds of modern radiological examinations can be performed with these devices. The devices in our radiology unitare as follows: 1.5 Tesla magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI), multidetector computed tomography (ct), ultrasonography, Doppler Ultrasonography, and 4D (4-D) ultrasonography, digital mammography, digital x-ray, and bone densitometry.
With our experienced physician and technician staff, CT and MR (with or without contrast agent), CT Angiography and MR Angiography examinations; Ultrasound and color-doppler ultrasound tests, Thyroid biopsies, all kinds of x-ray examination, detailed ultrasound and color pregnancy ultrasound tests, mammography and bone mineral measurement tests are performed at our department’s equipment.


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