A well-equipped and multidisciplinary treatment approach is crucial for success in common brain diseases of the entirepopulation. Innovations in medical technology developsbrain, spinal cord, and nerve surgery rapidly and parallel to this, more successful results can be obtained in diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis, treatment and surgery of all brain and nerve diseases, brain tumors, diagnostic, treatment and surgeries of cerebral hemorrhage, medical treatment of head, neck and low back pain, diagnosis and treatment of neck and lumbar hernia, spinal surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, minimally invasive surgeries, laser discectomy can be performed.

Stabilization Surgeries: Vertebral Fractures (Spinal Fractures), Spondylolisthesis (Waist, Spinal Shifts), Spinal Stenosis (Stenosis)

Microsurgical Method: Lumbar Disc Hernia (Lumbar Hernia), Cervical Disc Hernia (Neck Hernia)

Brain Surgery: Epidural, Subdural, Intracerebral Hemorrhage due to trauma, brain bleeding without trauma (Intracerebral, Subdural)

Skull AutogenousChromoplasty Surgery
Peripheral Nerve Decompression: Nerve Traps, Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel (Ulnar Nerve), Peroneal Nerve


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