Lumbar Disc Hernia Repair Surgery (Surgery For Slipped Disc)

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Lumbar Disc Hernia Repair Surgery (Surgery For Slipped Disc)

In a herniated disc, the annulus fibrosis is torn or ruptured. This damage allows part of the nucleus pulposus to push through into the spinal canal. Sometimes, the herniated material can press on a nerve, causing pain and affecting movement. A herniated disc can occur anywhere in the spine. The two most common locations are the lumbar spine and the cervical spine. The lumbar spine refers to the lower back. Discectomy is the most common surgery used for herniated disc in the lumbar region. In this procedure, the portion of the disc that is causing the pressure on your nerve root is removed. In some cases, the entire disc is removed. The surgeon will access the disc through an incision in your back (or neck).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to recover from slipped disc surgery?

As lumbar hernia operations are microsurgery, the patient is mobilised 6 hours after the operation and discharged the nextday. At home, patient is advised to not sit too much for 15 days and do walking without exageration.

What is the success rate of slip disc operation?

In those who haven’t suffered from any neurologic deficit and for whom nothing has been late, It is successful up to 90-95% .

Can you fully recover from a herniated disc surgery?

After the surgery you can completely get rid of the hernia by following all recommendation.

How long does a herniated disc surgery last?

It takes nearly one hour. But this depends on the herniation and patients anatomy. So sometimes it can takes less or more.