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Since 1997

Our hospital was established in 1997. It has been serving in its new building in 2012.

It has a staff of 420 experienced and qualified healthcare professionals. Established on an area of ​​9000 m2 and combines medicine and modern technology. It is a big health complex that provides international services.

Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital


Cataract Surgery

Hysterectomy (abdominal) -laparoscopic surgery

Gastric Sleeve (Obesity Surgery) Operation

Pace Maker Implantation

Lumbar Disc Hernia Surgery

Transurethral Prostate Resection (TURP)


Stromal Vascular Fraction Therapy

Knee Replacement

Gastric Botulinum Toxin Application

Hip Replacement

Brain Stimulator Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Esnaf Hospital?

The important aspect is offering family-centred holistic care for families and loved ones accompanying the patient. It can be a stressful time and making the patient’s journey as good as possible, the health tourism office provides everyday service with any lifestyle requests such as travel arrangements, booking hotel rooms and discounts in restaurants, gathering translators, hairdressers, city guide and others. Any request is valuable for us.
It is all about the quality of health care with bringing all together the world class doctors and devices. We put the patient in the centre of it all.

Why Fethiye / TURKEY ?

Turkey’s well-known tourist center which is more popular during the summer. Rich in ancient and more recent artifacts, displays chain of great civilizations starting with the ancient Lycians.
Cadyanda ancient city. Kayaköy the abandoned Greek village, Afkule, Gemiler and Aya Nikola. Most popular touristic towns of Fethiye are: Ölüdeniz, Hisarönu and Ovacık are some of the other historical sites worth visiting.
The island Kızılada in the Gulf of Fethiye is a popular stopover for boat tours. Alternatively, there are great diving sites Afkule being one of the most famous. The Kızılada Lighthouse on the island houses a seafood restaurant and a hostel with nine rooms.
Butterfly Valley with it’s historical and natural greatness is in the Fethiye district.

Tuzla Mah. Sadi Pekin Cad. 54. Sokak No:3 Fethiye / Muğla / TURKEY
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Fed up waiting